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The Angry Behavior Analyst is a certified ACE Provider.  

We have moved into only providing LIVE CE opportunities. While we do appreciate the convenience of pre-recorded sessions, we want to bring back the importance of engaged individuals, collaborating and discussing amongst one another in a live setting. We do run monthly (sometimes more frequent!) live CEUs, so be sure to sign up and attend--- recordings will not be available!

Help! I Can't Separate Instagram From Fact!


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In a world where self-diagnosing is acceptable, fake mental illness is valid, and TikTok is equally as legitimate as the DSM-V, professionals would benefit from being hyper-vigilant in the face of fake statistics. 

This CE will address mob behavior in digital spaces, how it differs to extremist behavior in real life, and using principles of Socratic Questioning to address the Do Better Mobs.


Time: Saturday, January 7th, 10AM-12PM CST

2 Ethics CEUs Available

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